FLAREHOUSE is an intimate group coaching membership for debuting and growing culturally innovative/ impact driven projects, services and small businesses into the world, sustainably.

Coming soon. Open to graduates of the Unmasking Unschool only. 


Unmasking Unschool is the group coaching program, for ambitious, kind-hearted, visionary folks

who gained the identifier 'autistic' and are seeking to enact the life pivots, self-reinventions and innovations to become your most authentic self.

Increase your agency, energy and personal power, by practicing and enacting your emergence, and transforming your material reality, alongside an expanding global community of change-makers, artists, creatives and visionaries.

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Interstellar SESSIONS

SESSIONS are 6 month journeys coaching 1:1 with Louisa, to realise a felt possibility as a material reality; be it a creative project, vocational leap, new identity, relationship goal, or to self-start a secret dream.

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