About SOLA Systems


Activating a cultural movement that repositions the emergent cognitive, embodied, and sensorial sense-making of creative autistic-status folks, as transformative sources of personal fulfilment, cultural belonging, design innovation, and liberatory solutions.

Rendering the furrowed brows of universalism, bio-surveillance, and pathology paradigms irrelevant.



Support 9000 #autistic visionaries / creatives / change-makers with the online (un)learning and coaching services, frameworks and social context, to re-trust, embody and express their authentic selves, and realise felt possibilities, life structures, dream projects and emergent culture, as tangible realities.







Bold, visionary imagination to 'see' (sense, and trust what is felt) beyond what is (not working), as a potent form of life-giving service to what could be. Un-learning What Is ('The Tunnel of Un'), and responsibility to co-create, embody and invoke what could be.




Connection, mutual integrity, sustainability, collective liberation, and interdependence; as living systems within living systems: 'self' is not separate. Connecting and co-regulating into the unknowns of bold selves and actions, is how to embody what could be, without the curtailing threat of alienation.




Aligned actions, pace and structures enable new realities. Rhythm and repetition strengthen the neural and relational pathways; create the character muscle and memory for new culture to be realised.


About Louisa

Louisa Shaeri (she/they) is a coach, artist, cultural activator, and creator of The SOLA System coaching method and tools.

"Aged 16, I asked the school counsellor how to be myself? She told me that I was being myself, but in response to a specific social context - and that this self was not all of who I was.

It wasn't until my mid-20s, leading an art workshop, that I met a group of autistic teenagers. I saw myself in them and them in me..."

Following a self diagnosis, and then an official permission slip in 2013, Louisa spent a decade of artistic work exploring sensorial sense-making and non-normative embodiment.

A recipient of a Wellcome Trust Arts Award in 2015 enabled Louisa to spend two year-long residencies with top UK neuroscientists (Manos Tsakiris & the Lab of Action and Body at Royal Holloway, London) and strengths-focused autism researchers (Anna Remington & Liz Pellicano, Centre for Research into Autism and Education, UCL, London).

Together with artistic research into self-reported experiences of being autistic, critical theory, philosophy of selfhood, and a personal journey of emergence Louisa synthesised these experiences into a framework for embodying autistic-status selfhood aimed at being more empowering and practically applicable, than mainstream, identity politics, or deficit-based narratives that fail to acknowledge the systemic, structural and cognitive aspects of experience that shape our sense of 'self'.

The SOLA System (process) was debuted in April 2020, and since then has been iterated and developed in community and over 500+ hours of coaching.

Louisa Shaeri lives in London, with the love of her life, and two kids.