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From theory to practice: Feel worthy and get unstuck

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 Hi, my name is LOUISA
(a.k.a. 'sola flare')


I help #autistic-status, creative thinkers to BE who you are, unlearn systemic invisibility, feel worthy, create new structures, and shine your light



Unmasking Unschool

~ The SOLA System + Siblings ~


The unmasking unschool
for the creative #autistic in you to finally feel


• Unlearn false selves

• Immerse in resonant community

• Invent a future that works

The Unmasking Unschool Podcast

For #autistic, creative folks, seeking a liberatory way to see, know and BE yourself

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Aged 16, I was deeply depressed, experiencing situational mutism, bullying, and disassociating my way through school.

Following a breakdown in the art room, I asked the school counsellor how to "be myself?”.

And she showed me that who I was BEING, was in reaction to the school context, and that this version of me was not ALL of who I was.

This ignited a desire to experience what was beyond; and led me to becoming an artist, imagining possibilities for self expression within the hypothetical conjuring worlds of gallery spaces.

It wasn’t until my mid 20s that I met a group of autistic teenagers in one of my art workshops, that I saw myself in them and them in me: am I autistic too?

Cue personal and artistic research deep dives, tumblrs, papers, books and blogs… and a wholesale rearrangement of memories, relational boundaries, and my sense of self.

I was led by a conviction that there is more to “autism” than the pathological models and externally-defined social roles allow for, and gained funding for two year long residencies with top UK autism researchers, and neuroscientists working with embodiment (what is or isn’t ‘self’).

And in the decade that followed, I published a book, evolved from hiding myself, covertly incubating my potential internally, holding exhibitions of hypothetical hikikomori dreams, to finally coming to know how to be myself.

I now coach others into their own self clarity, self-acceptance, and self-directed lives.

I created a liberatory framework and set of bespoke coaching tools called 'The SOLA System';

and an alter-energy 'sola flare' to enact a siren call to what is possible when we reframe our differences from within:

The SOLA System

A paradigm shift for #autistic-status selfhood
+ the tools and social context to unmask and realise ['neuro-'] emergent selves & futures.

“The SOLA System + Siblings has given me the tools to manifest/physically accomplish the things that have been ruminating and resting only in dreams”
- Ki Ridenour-Starnes

The SOLA System is a set of bespoke coaching tools and a liberatory framework for how autistic folks might begin to solve systemic issues to self-becoming.

It consists of 9 areas (planets) to address for the kind of internal transformations that lead to outer (and systemic) change.

My philosophy is that ‘self' is not a fixed thing that can be known, but is always evolving, and experienced and connected to both the social context, and our sense-making models for who we are;

That ‘autism’, as a way of describing a body, doesn’t do justice to how notions of difference stem from the eugenicist fiction of ‘normal’, and industrialised social systems.

That the radical re-imagining for structural change, starts within; within the trusting of our bodies and sensorial forms of perception; resistance of assigned roles; self-sourcing our own idea of who we are; and the re-figuring of our potential; upon which new knowledges, designs, structures and futures can be built. 

This process of personal and collective emergence is my WHY.

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For late-identified autistic+ folks seeking a new way to see, know and be yourself.


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The 6 month online unmasking unschool; a group coaching spaceship for journeying through The SOLA System framework to liberate your self-concept from constraints of the past, create deep worthiness and clarity on WHO you are, and how to BE yourself


Self Creation SESSIONS

SESSIONS are 6 month journeys coaching 1:1 with Louisa, to realise a felt possibility as a material reality; be it a creative project, vocational leap, new identity, relationship goal, or to self-start a secret dream.

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