we are solar flares, defying the gravity of group-think, beaming beyond systemic eclipses with disruptive frequencies...

Hi, I'm Louisa Shaeri (she/they)

I coach kind-hearted, visionary ambitious #autistic-status folks (a.k.a. sensory siblings) through the identity transformations involved in realising internally-felt possibilities as material realities.

Be it a creative project, vocational leap, relationship goal, self-starting a secret dream, or finally knowing how to become yourself.

The HOW is encoded in you. The HOW is a culture shift.

My coaching containers are cocoons for the dual-tracks of self and world unfolding; for unlearning, deepening self trust, embodying that self, and restructuring (y)our world to make being your ever-changing self more possible.

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for kind-hearted, visionary, ambitious autistic folks seeking another way to see, know and be yourself:

Ki Ridenour-Starnes

”SOLA Siblings has made me realize that I am not alone and has helped solidify the trajectory of ideas about the collective future for me. Additionally, it has given me the tools to manifest/physically accomplish the things that have been ruminating and resting only in dreams."

Rebekah Ubuntu

”The SOLA System has been one of the most healing experiences of my life so far, and the impact has been enormous and incredibly positive; one of the most radical environments that I have ever been part of."

Bonnie J Stinson

”SOLA Siblings is the home base, safe space, and launching pad we all need and deserve. It doesn't exist anywhere else, and it's life-changing."


”It’s everything, it’s the universe, it’s my world.
A space for radical reimagining of who we are, how we get to be in the world, without needing to use the lens of the problematic approaches to autism/of the autism industrial complex / medical model. My relationship to myself has improved, how I perceive myself, and so has how I feel in relation to other people, as a by-product of me feeling more centred and confident in who I am."


One of the most important things that I've ever done; you and the siblings helped me connect with myself and make changes to my life in a way that I will remember forever.

Particularly transformative were the opportunities to take small steps into being more of myself within the group, the reassurance and encouragement, the aftercare, the group learning and the collective nature of the healing that can precipitate.

The information is presented in a very clear and understandable way. The models and examples you use feel relevant to my own autistic experiences; I don't have to spend time translating."

Uta Sievers

”I intended SOLA Siblings to be my one support community during what I knew would be a hard time, and it worked really well. My life had been unsustainable, and Louisa helped me imagine how it could be different. There was an embodied practice that helped me go deeper into finding my own voice. I eventually found it and that was really transformative. It also helped me understand the problems some of the others had that I didn't think I had. I have been using the insights into attention and cognition a lot in my daily life."


Contact / hello [at] solasystems.xyz