The SOLA System

The SOLA System is the liberatory framework and set of 9 principles ('Planets') designed to guide a process of unmasking and self becoming, for autistic creative-thinkers, seeking to cultivate the self-clarity, self-acceptance and worthiness to BE yourself, in order to craft a life that works.


There are three main steps:
Unlearn who you are NOT
Unlearning social conditioning, unravelling the historical construction of 'autism', undoing the habits of hiding.
Create self esteem
Having the tools to know how to create self belief, self acceptance, and self clarity.
Creating social esteem
Creating a life that reflects and supports who you are and how you make sense, so you can BE yourself, and by example, shift the culture.

The final component is
'+ siblings';
your community of 'sensory siblings' with whom to share the journey.


The SOLA System framework is taught and applied in the unmasking unschool group coaching program The SOLA System + Siblings.


The SOLA System + Siblings has given me the tools to manifest/physically accomplish the things that have been ruminating and resting only in dreams”

- Ki Ridenour-Starnes

"SOLA Siblings has been one of the most healing experiences of my life so far, and the impact has been enormous and incredibly positive; one of the most radical environments that I have ever been part of." 

- Rebekah Ubuntu

"SOLA System + Siblings is the home base, safe space, and launching pad we all need and deserve. It doesn't exist anywhere else, and it's life-changing.

- Bonnie J Stinson

"The SOLA System + Siblings feels like one of the most important things that I've ever done, and you and the siblings have already helped me connect with myself and make changes to my life in a way that I will remember forever."

- Laurie


Your struggles have not been a waste or loss of self, but a training ground, preparing you in the truth of what isn't working, and giving you the perspective and insight and resilience to now create lasting change. 

When we stop arguing for our existence through fixed identities formed in the eyes of others, we instead move towards creating solutions.

The SOLA System + Siblings is a temporary transition zone for nurturing those solutions. A chrysalis for unlearning old selves and re-learning new selves. A half-way-house from alienation to self love. A loophole out of which to fall upwards into visions of futures that work, and the support system and conducive social context to start realising those visions. A sanctuary for self healing, self allowing, self becoming, self accepting and self realising. 

The SOLA System + Siblings is a biome for a shared kinship and new culture to emerge.

It all starts within.

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